The Right Way to Buy Business Technology

This event has been canceled

A one day-workshop that leads both business and technical managers through the process of procuring (buying) business technology.   We will be assuming you have no previous professional procurement training, as most technology procurement today is led by business and IT managers, rather than seasoned and trained procurement professionals.

This session provides you with insight drawn from many years helping major organizations around the world buy the right business technology, at the right price in a timely manner. We will work through with you a step by step, detailed and practical process from gathering initial requirements, through the practicalities of issuing tenders/RFPs to closing the deal. This workshop draws from over 50 years of combined experience, and we will keep the day lively, relevant and detailed, enabling you to immediately apply the lessons you will learn in your own organization.

Who Should Attend and What You Will Learn

Anyone considering procuring new business technology, including

  • Evaluation Teams - to level-set goals, process, and terminology among the team responsible for making a buying decision
  • Information and Knowledge Managers - to understand how to evaluate technologies to ensure that they meet your specific needs
  • Project Managers - to understand best practices and pitfalls to avoid when leading a technology procurement project
  • Senior Architects, Lead Developers, Enterprise Architects, and IT Managers - to better understand how to reduce the risk of choosing a technology solution that is incompatible with your existing enterprise environment

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Conference Chairs

Tony Byrne
The Real Story Group
Jarrod Gingras
Director, Advisory Services
The Real Story Group